WANTED: Photographs for Blount County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Last name First name Branch Town
Blevins Danny Eugene Army Alcoa
Bryant Johnny Leon Army Maryville
Coulter Donald Clay Army Maryville
Covington Hobart Earl Army Seymour
Dotson Donald Luther Army Alcoa
Dunlap Richard Lance Army Friendsville
Gay Wayne Oliver Army Maryville
Grindstaff Thomas Jackson Army Maryville
Hopper William Carl Army Maryville
Parrott Oscar Robert Marines Maryville
Payne Monte Lynn Army Maryville
Pettitt James Allen Army Louisville
Procter Ervin Army Townsend
Rhodes John David III Army Louisville
Rogers Robert Lee Marines Maryville
Roulett James Houston Army Maryville
Russell Fred Calvin Army Maryville
Wheeler Gordon L Air Force Maryville
Whitehead Larry Gene Marines Tallassee
Williams Claud Arthur Army Alcoa
Williams Wayne Charles Army Maryville

April 15, 2010

I need your help with a project I'm working on. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC asked for the photos of the more than 58,000 names on "The Wall". Tennessee has over 1,300. I took the list of Tennessee names and broke it down by counties. I need your help collecting the names in your county.

Judy Gorman King
Names With Faces
P.O. Box 226
White Bluff, TN 37187

The Wall Song by Judy Gorman King, Mitch Townley, Brad Dunse, J.P. Williams and Chip Martin

the Spirit Of the Wall

copyright Judy Gorman King

You came to see my name today
I saw you standing there
Man, you sure look different
With that silver in your hair

But me, I haven't changed
I'm still the ripe old age of 21
That's one of the things about us ghosts
We're now and forever young

Do you remember how proud we were
When we were called by Uncle Sam?
And I remember being a little afraid
When they shipped us to Vietnam

And I remember the heat
And the marching through the mud
And the sounds of all that shooting
And the sight of all that blood

Then I remember when it was
Time for us to go home
But I couldn't go
So you made that trip alone

You returned to a country
That couldn't seem to understand
How all the boys that left
Came back a bunch of messed up men

Our country seemed a little naive
Before that mixed up war
Now we never can seem
To get things back the way they were before

Now some of us are just a name
Just a small part of history
But with the building of that wall
It somehow restored our dignity

I saw that there is still pain
Even after all these years
I'm afraid I saw a lot of
in your tears

But this is a wall of love
We hope that's what everyone feels
And the warm spirits of all the ones
That surround "The Wall That Heals"

I saw you had a family
A couple of kids and a pretty wife
Try to forgive the past
And have a happy life

I guess I'll go now
That I seem to have said it all
of me once in a while
The ghost that stays with "The Wall"

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