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Happy to report that the temptation of unconstitutional absolute power that corrupts absolutely passed on by Governor Lee in executive Order 62 will not be used by Loudon County Mayor Bradshaw because in his own words, the “government has no right to infringe upon this decision…
and everyone should make their own decisions to do what they feel safest for them and their family.”

The Prop-agenda Media Beating the Brainwashing Fear of increased Wuhan Flu cases being confirmed
tries to scare you into believing there is a second wave of quarantine or closings needed when the truth of the matter is that the Death rate is going down for several reasons including the growing herd immuity of positive tests of people without symptoms. Think about it if more people are testing positive and a smaller percentage of those tested are dying what is there to fear but what the fearmongers in the prop-agenda media want you afraid when 1 Tim 2 verse 7 reminds us that we have not received a spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind use it to reason with your Savior Jesus not the prop-agenda media.

Masks are for Medical professionals working in a health hazard environment according to the CDC.
They are to be worn temporarily and are changed every hour with a fresh-air break for surgeons the oxygen levels in the wearers blood is reduce between 5 and 20 % depending on how hard one is breathing, according to Dr. Russel Blaylock retired neuro-surgeon.

The Nashville Tennessean May 12 published Governor Lee’s remarks at the Tennessee Financial Stimulus Accountability Group, where He said, he wants to see those business mandated to shut down be the first to receive state grants.” Why is he suddenly concerned about the 20 different types of business specifically identified as “Non – Essential” by his executive order #21? Could it be that Perry Allan of Marysville’s Roll Arena sued him, April 28 in Davidson County Chancellery Court for taking their business and the freedoms from their customers to choose to travel to their skating rink for memorable birthday parties?

Unfortunately Judge Perkins on May 14 ruled that the Emergency Powers Act passed by the legislature in 2002 was “assumed to be constitutional” even thought 1/3 of the Governor’s defense offered by Tn Attorney General was hearsay.

When this reporter learned that the June Alcoa City Commission was considering the TN
Financial Stimulus Grant for Counties and Municipalities and learned that it was to fund Covid -19 monuments or projects. This reporter emailed Governor Lee reminding him of his remarks about “those business mandated to shut down be the first to receive state grants.” And suggested the “NON-Essential” businesses be given a 20% property tax credit for being closed for 10 weeks by the governor’s Executive order 21.

To his credit on June 26 Tennessee Financial Stimulus Grant conditions had removed the Covid-19 monuments project and replaced them with “supplemental revenue” requirements for the 335 municipalities and 95 Counties. However what is needed is for the Governor to take the lead and direct the grant money to those non-essential businesses closed by His Executive order get a Property Tax Credit with the Federal Financial Covid Stimulus please call the Governor’s comment line and ask him to support those Non Essential businesses he closed for 10 weeks by per-qualifing them for a 20 percent property tax credit.

Please call the Public comment line of the Governor at (615) 741-2001 that’s (615) 741-2001 and ask Gov. Lee to Pre-qualify NON Essential Businesses closed by Executive order eligible for a 20 percent property tax credit by calling 615 741-2001. Then call Truth Radio for a petition for local officials to grant the non essential businesses a 20% property tax credit with the Tennessee Financial Stimulus Grant for supplemental revenue for Non Essential businesses closed for 10 weeks by per-qualifying them for a 20 percent property tax credit. Please call 984-1470 for more information.

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