Bible Approved Curriculum for Blount County- Needs School Board Vote

FriendlyTaxpayers Advise to School Board Members,

Thank you for giving us a thirty-minute wider window to get from work to your meeting but it really needs to be ninety minutes more so we can get dinner and check on our children before coming to your meeting.

We appreciate your listening to families’ concerns about the moral values and character-building content in the school’s libraries and curriculum. We all know it is more blessed to give than to receive so we hope you would be blessed by giving some of your authority to school principals in the interest of diversity for each of their unique communities to remove curriculum and library material from their schools so as to best serve their students and families.

Lastly, we want to thank you for addressing some of the disparity of payscale between the certified and non-certified employees however much more need to be done in making up for the many years of non-certified employee raises. One suggestion that comes to mind is dividing the 5 % payroll budget increase with a pyramid of percentages such as giving those at the bottom a 9 percent pay raise while those at the top get 1 percent.

Only SMALL percent of Tennessee Counties, Sevier being one teach the DOE-approved elective course on the Bible,

what a wonderfully inspiring encouragement for parents to bring their children to our schools don’t you think so?

Since this is an election year it would be important for the voters to see these matters addressed before the candidate petition filing begins on October 15, 2023.

Grateful for your service to our County families and taxpayers

Harry Grothjahn

1521 Middlesettlements Rd.

Maryville, TN 37801


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