Righteous Researchers BANNED by BCSB Policy 4.403 Library Materials

The successful researcher, Susan Wright, who had to buy many of the pornographic books because they were always checked out of the schools libraries yet she has been successful in getting 17 of them removed with another 10 to finish reading. If you would want to help with the cost or research you may contact WBCR at 865-984-1470. Unfortunately, the subject policy only allows School Employees, Students and parents to check out school library books. WBCR AM 1470 feels all taxpayers who have a Blount County Library card should be eligible to used that card as identifying themselves are responsible and accountable to return the book on time or pay the consequences for any other learner. Please call 865 984-1212 your Blount County School Board Central office to ask who your School Board district your live or look on your voters registration card and read the district number you are in then you cab go to and see how to contact them about the discrimination against taxpayers from accessing school library material and filing complaints in the prescribed order. https://www.blountk12.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=161935&pageId=378378

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