OPEN LETTER TO US SENATORS Blackburn and Hagerty

OPEN LETTER TO US SENATORS BLACKBURN AND HAGERTY   In the interest of avoiding future election disputes, and unifying the Republic of these once United States the questions raised by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and supported by 10 other States Attorney’s General, should have been heard. US Constitution of 1791, Article 3 Section2.1 I believe requires the Supreme Court to hear, “to all cases laws and equity arising under this Constitution” and secondly, “controversies between two or more states”. Texas is claiming, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin “…violated statutes by duly elected legislatures, thereby violating”, Article 2 section 2, of our 1791 Constitution that “each state shall appoint, …as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of Electors,”. The accused states allegedly did not follow the laws passed by their Legislatures in determining their electors to the electoral college. The Supreme Courts’ refusal to hear the evidence to this unlearned soul looks like grounds for impeachment. Senators Blackburn and Hagerty, please educate me as to why Article 3 section 1 says Judges, “shall hold their offices during good behavior“, and how such a divisive issue that needs to be settled to unify our Republic, was refused by the Supreme Court, could constitute “good behavior”? In light of the duties of Congress in Article 4 section 4 whereas the “United States shall guarantee each State a Republican form of government, “ the foundation of which is built upon having confidence in our ability to elect those we choose to represent us with verifiable, thus transparent elections have been denied us by the Supreme Court I ask, will you also fail us? I cannot in good faith call the winner of the electoral college count President because that counting simply perpetuated the uninvestigated unconstitutional election processes already challenged by 11 States Attorney’s General. Respectfully, Harry Grothjahn DeFoe Circle, Maryville TN 37804

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