Banner of Truth

Here’s the PDF for December’s Banner FREE for all.

FREEDOM isn’t FREE but the Banner is at Truth Radio.TV.

Advertisers get a business card size AD + 96 (30 sec.) ADS on AM 1470 for $165/ month. Subscriptions by First Class Mail is $24 / yr. Donations are appreciated and needed.

Banner of Truth is available for 25-cents from local outlets.

Listen to the Banner of Truth Radio Show Mon.- Fri. 4-5 pm and call in at 865-983-0891 or listen on your cellphone at 760-569-7754. Live stream at TruthRadio.TV.

WBCR 1470 am
Alcoa, Tennessee

Banner of Truth archives:

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Troubleshooting problems reading PDFs

The PDF copy of Banner of Truth is a very large file, approximately 15MB, taking a relatively long time to download. Many ISPs throttle their customers’ download speed during daylight hours. Some ISPs re-encode PDF files to speed downloads, resulting in corruption of the PDF.

1. Try reloading the PDF a second time
2. Try downloading the PDF to your computer, then opening your own PDF copy
3. Try updated Adobe Reader
4. Try updating your internet browser

Adobe Reader Error Message: The file is damaged and could not be repaired

the WBCR office to get a paper copy.

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