Revisionist History Text Lies about ISLAM

The Tennessee 7th Grade Social studies text being used in ALL Blount County Middle schools, is published by Pearson Education for 6-7th Grade Geography: titled; The Middle Ages to Exploration of the Americas.

The full review of this text book by Dr. Bill French is on the previous blog however the high
lights of today’s post date interview with Robert McDaniel included the following key points.

Pearson Student text page 88 Critizied Christ by saying that “Islam offered followers a direct path to God and salvation. It emphasized the equality of all believers. It stressed fairness and justice in human affairs.”

Four paragraphs later on the same page “In general however, women had fewer rights that men and
occupied an inferior position.” Just one of many controdictions of the revisionist history.

Page 92 fails to mention that the Hindu laborers who build the TOSH MAHALL had their
right hand cut off by Mohammed followers so nothing as beautiful be built again.

Page 96 Credited the burning of the largest library in hte Ancient world the Library at Alexandria
Egypt by Islam.

Page 103 Edits out of Mohamed’s fairwell message that men could beat their wives.

The link below will take you to a two page form published by the Williamson County School
District to Request for Reconsideration of Instruction Materials.

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