EMP Threat Assessment by TVA

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Rather than enact constitutional carry in 2019, the GOP controlled legislature passed legislation introduced by Rep. Andy Holt (R) and Sen. John Stevens (R) which created second type of permit in Tennessee – the “concealed only” permit.

This has resulted in other states serving notice that they will not honor reciprocity with the new law. This ill advised law is the top priority for constitutional carry supporters who know that 4 states who touch Tennessee have Constitutional Carry laws and would welcome reciprocity with Tennessee.

The executive Director of the TN Firearms Association John Harris will be at the Sevier county courthouse Saturday January 25th at 10:30 for a free public meeting and an a Raffle for a new Gun.

In November WBCR was concerned with the North Korean treats against the US and his interest in

doing business with Iran and their development of nuclear material. Having a listener point out the

Trump administrations concerns in Executive Order 13800 requiring Protecting against nuclear EMP will also protect against natural EMP from solar storms, of the Electric Grid.

WBCR wrote the Mayors of Maryville and Alcoa about the Trump Administration’s Executive Order and The resulting study by Dept. of Homeland Security’s recommendation # 4 which reads. Quote

As part of this assessment, Commission staff analyzed E3 EMP measurements from two nuclear high-altitude tests performed by the Soviet Union in 1962. Physicists with extensive experience in EMP modeling used these data wave-forms and an understanding of the scaling relationships forthe nuclear explosion-induced upper atmospheric heave phenomenon that produces the E3 EMP electromagnetic fields by disturbing the natural magnetic field of the Earth.

Based on this analysis, the Commission recommends that government agencies and industries adopt new standards to protect critical national infrastructures from damaging E3 EMP heave fields, with more realistic standards 85 V/km

This week the TVA Regional Manager for East Tennessee Power Distributors Bert Robinson wrote to say, there are no National Energy Regulatory Commission, or other regulatory requirements for EMP’s.” When the previous paragraph quoted from the Department of Homeland Security’s recommendation for Quote “ nuclear explosion-induced upper atmospheric Heave Phenomenon that produces the electromatic fields by disturbing the natural magnetic field of the Earth. “ In other words listeners we are on our own if a Nuclear event occurs in the Atmosphere above the Continental United states the TVA Transmission-System will fail.

If you would like the transcript of this news it is on the Truth Radio.tv blog with the TVA Director serving from Knoxville is Jeff W. Smith of Knoxville, Tenn., is the executive vice president for operations for UT-Battelle and serves as the deputy of operations at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His tenure at the lab has been accompanied by significant expansion and modernization, even while reducing operational costs. During a six-month special assignment in 2002, he assisted with the creation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. His term expires May 18, 2022. You may reach him through Tennessee Valley Authority 400 West Summit Hill Drive  Knoxville TN 37902 (865) 632-2101

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