Protecting OUR Health Choice RIGHT not to get the JAB !!!

A RESOLUTION TO URGE GOVERNOR LEE TO VETO THE AMENDED SB 0187   Whereas,according to the Constitution of the State of Tennessee, Article 1,Declaration of Rights, Section 3 states, “that no human authority can, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience; and that no preference shall ever be given,by law, to any religious establishment or mode of worship.”; and   Whereas, SB0187 states,”A law enforcement agency or governmental entity of this state or a local government, or the governor or chief executive of a local government by executive order, shall not force, require, or coerce a person to receive an immunization or vaccination for COVID-19 against the person’s will.”; has been amended by HA0324 Sect.7(b)(2)(B)   Whereas, SB0187 has been amended to “not include a governmental entity” like Blount Memorial Hospital and 44 other hospitals in Tennessee, making it possible for them to require employees to be vaccinated or loose their job, as workers in private hospitals may, as stated in house health committe March 24, 2021 would violate Article 1 Declaration of Rights Section 3, under the “color of law”.and   Whereas, The Governor of Tennessee may veto legislation the Legislature may over-ride his veto the people of Tennessee will be given an opportunity to learn how dangerous the COVID 19 vaccines are to their health.   Whereas, The National Institute of Health, Research Matters article 1-12-21 the “Experimental coronavirus vaccine… at 94 percent effective in preventing COVID.” Our God given immune system is 99+ percent effective in surviving COVID, better than the risk of getting a unapproved, “experimental vaccine” that is only temporarily licenssed for emergency use.”   Whereas TCA 62-26-218(b) Municipality or county – Business Tax permitted. Authorizes Blount County “to impose bona fide business tax”, in good faith knowing Blount Memorial Hospital or any other businesses requiring COVID Vaccination for employement or entrance for service will in doing so accept responsibility for all costs or damages of said vaccine.   NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the legislative Body of Blount County, Tennessee, representing the citizens, recognizing their rights to seek whatever path they my choose to protect themselves and their family as they deem, best, without any legal penalty or adverse consequence. Want to respectfully request Governor Lee to veto the AMENDED SB0187 and remind Blount Memorial Hospital and all businesses doing business in Blount County to not violate the Constitution of the State of Tennessee or they will find their Business License tax in Blount County.TCA 62-26-218 may include the costs of Covid vaccine damages. Harry Grothjahn IN HIS SERVICE, BY HIS GRACE, FOR HIS GLORY

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