“The Chinesee thiink they own the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenus” Gorodon Chang

Sidney Powell on March 11 was interviewed by Caroline Weatherington with Defend Florida.org. About the legal challenges to the stolen Presidential election in four states. Chief Justice Roberts denied Powell’s emergency petiton that by passed the Appeals Courts in her effort to defend the Republic and prevent the 80 million Trump voters from loosing the United States of America Republic. Fortunately Arizona, and Georgia are auditing their election results and there are 2 legal challenges in different States that are also making progress Sidney said. She hopes to make the hundresds of sworn affidavit of witnesses, video evidence and statistical experts testimony of the impossiblility of 100 thousand vote spikes for Biden to happen in a real world.” Sidney announce she has launched a Political Action Committee called “We the People” to represent the 80 Million voters who had their vote stolen not a political party with contributions between $5 – $200 going to We the People@ Defending the Republic.org. Sidney Powell endorsed truth seekers to watch Absolute Proof, available at the studios of WBCR for $10 &” Un-Masked” by Mike Lindel and reading THE DEEP Rig by Patrick Burns. This reporter on Sign of the Times Thursdays 5-6pm has presented as evidence of the stolen re-election of the 45th President. Over the last 4 months WBCR has presented evidense from White House trade adviser Peter Navarro issued a 36-page report, found at least 100,000 votes in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin that could be illegal ballots that, if tossed out, would put Trump over Biden’s “victory” margin. In December Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton petition to the US Sepreme Court was joined by 11 other States Attorney’s General including Tennessee’s. The 39 page petition to file a MOTION OF COMPLAINT against PENNSYLVANIA, GEORGIA, MICHIGAN, AND WISCONSIN, on three counts. The first count cites the Electors Clause of Article II, Section 1, Clause 2, of the Constitution makes clear that only the legislatures of the States are permitted to determine the rules for appointing presidential electors. Paxton presents evidense in 87 Paragraphs of non-legislative changes to State election law by executive-branch State election officials, or by judicial officials, in States of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, in violation of the Electors Clause. The second count petitioned, by the Texas Attorney General was for violations of The Equal Protection Clause prohibits the use of differential standards in the treatment and tabulation of ballots within a State. .The one-person, one-vote principle requires counting valid votes and not counting invalid votes. The evidense violations to the Equal Protection Clause evidentiary summary of 7 Paragraphs regarding Georgia, 13 for Michigan, 11 for Pennsylvania, and 18 Wisconsin. The third count claimed that election practices reach “the point of patent and fundamental unfairness,” the integrity of the election itself violates substantive due process. However it did not take but the next day for Chief Justice Roberts to deny the petitioners. Even though Article 3 section 2 places orginal jurisdiction of all cases between states in SCOTUS. On February 11 in Atlanta Clarence Thomas mentioned the word fraud 10 times when speaking about the Texas petition to SCOTUS, saying “The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is… ”inexplicable”. If, an associate justice cannot explain the legal grounds for the Supreme Court, is there maybe there is a political answer? John Roberts was made Chief Justice by President Bush who won the hanging chad vote count in Florida by the decision of his brother Governor of Florida Jeb Bush who was reported in the Des Moines Register as having emailed John Roberts, for his legal advice during the election. “Thank you for your time today. I really appreciate your input on my role in this unique and historic situation,” The NEW WORLD ORDER Bushes did not support Trump for obvious reasons. In March Mike Lindel released “Absolute Proof” his DVD from the Cyber Warfare Forensic Evidence of the Cyber Attack on the election BY Foreign Interferience with a print out and computer sceen recording of 9000 data records showing Where the Attack Computer is located, It’s IP Address, Time Stamp, Target County of the Computer Address, Being attacked, How and if the Attack was successful And what was the result. Mike Lindel conclusion 80 Million for Trump, 68 million for Biden. WBCR has copies of the Absolute Proof DVD cotaining the ‘Live data transfers for a $10, donation. Lastly the Bloomberg Financial reporting in October of the $400 million acquisition of the Dominion Voring Systems parent company by UBS Securities LLC. Retired military investigators, contracted by Inforwars who found that UBS Securities LLC is 75% owned by for Chineese Government Corporations. The Go Daddy Domain name for Dominion Votings Systems reports it is registered in Hunan China. Gordon Chang the suthor of “The Coming Colapse of China” told Newsmax 3/18/21 after the Biden summit with Biden in Alaska that “the Chinesee think they own the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” For Truth Radio News Harry Grothjahn reporting.

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