Genocide or COVID CARE Mandates from CMS to Blount Memorial Hospital? The Blount Memorial Hospital Board (BMH) of Directors represent the taxpayers of Blount County who are the loan co-signers for the $70 Million BMH debt and serve three year terms so if there are any concerns to be raised about BMH it is when these appointments are made. The CMS unconstitutional mandates for hospital employees I suspect could lead to limiting hospital access to ONLY the “VACCINATED.” I am so concerned that I met eith Alcoa Mayor Abbott and City manager Johnson February 7th to discuss my earlier blogged email with the President of the BMH Board of Directors and BMH’s Administrator. At that meeting I presented the power point presentation sent to Alcoa’s Commissioners. The text of that email is below. Please share this Blog with your friends and other contacts. Greetings Alcoa Commissioner, The Alcoa Nominee needs to explain how the $7,519,475 Million Covid Grant regulated hospital operations so that now they are reporting losses. The link above is the Court ordered Pfizer data from VAERS for the 90 days after EUA approval that were originally Sealed for 50 years that not only admit to a 4 percent death rate that is 4 times greater than the Covid SARS 2 fatality rate the last 8 1/4 pages list 1291 side effects in the first 90 days. One America Insurance lead the Life Insurance industry reporting a 40 percent increase in male insureds in the last quarter of 2021. When you combine the 1223 VAERS fatalities reported in the Pfizer data and combine that with the Harvard Pilgrim Grant Study by Ross Lazarus over three years in 2007 to 2010 finding that only ! percent of the Serious Adverse Events get reported according to the Physicians the followed up with who did take the 30-50 minutes to file reports in only one in a hundred adverse events. Therefore the fatality rate is more likely greater than the 1223 reported in the Pfizer and perhaps as much as 122,300 murdered by the EUA Experimental R-NMA Gene Therapy. Please consider reading my resolution and deferring your BMH Nominee vote for it will be 3 years before you get to ask BMH any questions or place any demands on your BMH Board of Directors Member. Grateful for your time, Here is the email I discussed with Mayor Abbott which the other slides pertain. February 7, 2022 Greetings Mayor Abbott and Manager Johnson, There are many unanswered questions impacting Alcoa’s access to Blount Memorial Hospital (BMH), especially for those who are employees, evaluating the financial and health risks to their families, careers, as well as we taxpayers who don’t want to loose access to it’s services because we don’t believe our government is qualified to be our doctor. In BMH Board of Directors, President Bob Redwine’s reply of 30-01-22, (slide 1) I learned that CMS’s COVID-19 requirements “call for vaccination or the completion of medical or religious exemptions” for BMH’s workforce. How many employees have had what BRANDING of COVID-19 shot and how many remain free to choose their own medical treatments while courageously working? What do the exemption forms look like and are they available to patients being admitted? Secondly, President Redwine states that the hospital board, answering my question about if the Board of directors voted for this policy change, he writes, ” they would not have voted on such decision.” Implying that CMS is such a large part of BMH’s revenue that the Board of Directors would not be asked. However this policy institutionalizes a crime that violates Federal Law, (Slide 2) Title 21 U.S.C.380bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(l-lll) as well as the Constitutionally protected rights and freedoms in it’s 4th Amendment rights to privacy, separation of powers in it’s 10th amendment and Freedom or religion in the First amendment and the “Right of Conscious” cited in Article 1 section 3 of the Tennessee Constitution. This is a very complex problem made worse by the prejudicial media apparently controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry. As a taxpayer concerned about loosing access to my hospital, unless deemed eligible by a “Vaccine Passport”. I am appealing to you Mayor Abbott and Manager Johnson to use the nominating process available to you in the 1984 Amendment to the BMH Charter to have President Redwine present his nomination for a new Alcoa Board of Directors member with the answers to the following two questions. 1. How many patients have been treated with Remdesivir for Covid 19 and Convalescent Plasma and what have been the results for each type of treatment in FY20/21? 2. How much has the Hospital billed for those two types of treatments and how much has the hospital received in payment for each of those treatments? Why is this of interest? Administrator Heinemann agreed that there is a “20% ADD ON”, payment (Slide 4, 5 & 6) from CMS for using Remdesivir. While both the NIH, National Institute of Health, (Slides 7 &8) and the CDC, Center for Disease Control, both report Remdesivir as having the ADVERSE EVENTS of being, “associated with renal and liver toxicity.” (Slides # 9 & 10) The elephant in the room is how many people are being diagnosed with COVID-19 and dying on a ventilator by drowning, because of renal failure and toxicity? Grateful for your interest is preserving medical choice in Alcoa

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