WBCR GM delivered to Cindy Mack for, Don Heinemann, Administrator for Blount Memorial Hospital following letter, 27 May 2022. Ten days later in an unprecedented facebook announcement by the Chief Medical Officer for Blount Memorial Hospital, Dr. Naramore announced he was now the Administrator, and Don Heinemann had retired after 37 years at Blount Memorial. WBCR invites you to read the letter below and view the Salt and Light program archive of 5-26-2022 with Tru and Karen “LIVE”, . Then tell us if you think Blount County needs to have a forensic audit of Blount Memorial Hospital before it gets sold off and a cover-up begins. You may agree with WBCR that in a year when the Federal Reserve Board has announced it will raise interest rates SEVEN TIMES THIS YEAR, Blount County should pay off our existing debt obligation as quickly as possible, in lieu of the Blount County’s liability for the $87 million in Hospital debt, plus the Blount County School Board received its Facilities Coordinator’s preliminary estimate of the next 5 years’ Capitol Replacement Cost at $214 million. WBCR has in two public meetings asked for an explanation as to what the County is going to do with the over 10 percent increase in funding to the County General Fund Budget that it is taking from the Debt Service Fund Budget. Could it have something to do with a New Evergreen study to fund pay raises? After you have looked at the archive you might want to call Mayor Ed Mitchell at 865-271-5710 and ask him to not move 10 cents from debt service to general county on his FY21/22 budget appropriation for a 2.47 tax rate. May 27, 2022 Greetings Don Heinemann, Administrator for Blount Memorial Hospital, Congratulations on surviving the COVID crisis and keeping our County thriving. im to reconsider We at WBCR are concerned about several issues that have come to our attention over the past year, related to our beloved Blount Memorial Hospital involving CMS guidelines violating the rights of employees, bonuses being paid for Remdesivir and the side effects related to it, and now the history of Blount Medical Foundation losses, in relationship to the Revenue Bonds financed with the Blount County Mayor’s signature on the Bond. Could you explain the relationship between the Foundation’s losses and the Hospital’s profits and how they are related to the Revenue bonds? The link above is the archive of the program aired yesterday Thursday 5-26-2022 by two citizen reporters that WBCR sells airtime and uses three-minute versions of their reporting as part of WBCR’s news cycle. The link to have archived broadcast/podcast However, before we would consider using the information aired by these independent citizen reporters WBCR would like for a Blount Memorial Spokesperson to either appear on an in-studio radio broadcast/podcast to deliver any corrections or differing opinions to the referenced radio broadcast/podcast or provide those corrections or differing opinions in writing to WBCR so we could bring both sides of the story to our listeners. Grateful to be in His Service, By His Grace, and For His Glory, Harry Grothjahn, GM WBCR am 1470

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