SEX EDUCATION IN Blount County Schools 22-23 is UP FOR APPROVAL THURSDAY 29 SEPT 5pm

On Monday, September 26, 2022, reporting for Truth Radio News am 1470 Alcoa TN; I attended the public meeting to review the 22-23 Family Life Curriculum proposed to be approved for teaching in Blount County Schools on Thursday, September 29, 2022, Blount County School Board meeting. In my life experience, I have found that this subject matter is this most important for not only the individual but our world and its future. Just take the Genesis account of Noah and understand that sexual perversion killed all living creatures on the Earth except seven. And why ONLY seven because that was the ONLY FAMILY that had not engaged in perverting its DNA, having been made in the image of God. Back to the Public Presentation referred to above. The presenter not hidden by the podium was in violation of the student dress code policy for Blount County 6310 line 22 “Per TCA Title 49, students are prohibited from wearing on school grounds during the school day clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent manner that disrupts the learning environment.” The fabric stretched over her lower torso was so tight that I believe had she been wearing underwear it would have been visible. When I asked if all the Family Life Curriculum requirements were included in the (58 slides) that were presented the answer was yes and my follow-up question was whether there was any material presented that was not included in the TCA codes mandating said curriculum, the answer was no. The gentleman seated on the other side of Commissioner James Hammontree then referred to TCA 149-6-1304 subparagraph 3 requiring the curriculum to provide “the social science research supporting the benefits of reserving the expression of human sexual activity for marriage; “ and sub-paragraph 8 where the curriculum is required to “Address the benefits of raising children within the context of a marital relationship.” It was apparent that Mr. Jones had not read the TCA nor were the presenters qualified for their assignment. There are other references to family success information not included in the proposed curriculum regarding marriage such as paragraph (5) “ Teach students how to form pro-social habits that enable students to develop healthy relationships, strong marriages, and form safe and stable future families.” The lack of academic qualifications was apparent by the failure to include key parts of the success in family life to raising children so that they will not become victims of sexual perversion and moral depravity requires a curriculum with a proven track record of success in reducing pre-marital sexual activity. Therefore I humbly request a professionally proven curriculum be purchased such as or . Here is a good comparison chart: . Please feel free to share this information and attend the Blount County School Board Meeting Thursday 29 September 5 pm at 831 Grandview Drive, Maryville, TN 37803 865-984-1212 Grateful to be In HIS Service, By HIS Grace, For HIS Glory, Harry Grothjahn 865-661-2500

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