Fueling the Destruction of Blount County Families- H.Grothjahn

The Anti-Family Life Curriculum approved by the Blount County School Board last month will only fuel the destruction of what is left of Family Life for those attending Blount County Schools. I suspect more families will pay whatever the price to protect their children by taking them out of Public Education. So let me tell you what I like most about this State Legislature’s written Curriculum guidelines. The thirteen slides at the end of the two-day lesson on Family Life in the seventh grade in Blount County addresses Goal Setting which should have been the first subject taught and given as a homework assignment for student to talk with parents about their goals but no such luck. The fifteen slides on how to make babies would be more age-appropriate for College freshmen instead of 12-13-year-olds. This is followed by the 16 slides on STIs and the health risks that come with having sex. Abstinence which according to the TCA 49-6-1304 (!) must be “emphatically” promoted is only mentioned on two slides without a slide of its own.   Please go to the September 29 Blount County School Board Agenda, https://cdn5-ss20.sharpschool.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_161851/File/Board%20of%20Education/Meetings/Agendas/September%2029,%202022%20Board%20 and take the links to the law requirements and then read all 60 slides taught over two periods of instruction in the 7th grade and write your own letter to the editor telling what you think.

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